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Spring Break In Hood River

We made a quick getaway during spring break to the picturesque town of Hood River, Oregon, which is full of windsurfing gear shops, cycling trails, artisanal coffee, and loads of restaurants. The boys were ready for a rest after 2 nights away car camping (2nd night spent sleeping in the car due to cold), and the tropically heated outdoor pool was just what the doctor ordered for our winter aches and pains.

We did a slightly-too long bike ride that took us along a path that used to be a road, with two exiting tunnels to traverse. It had just enough hilly bits to make the going too challenging for the Oma (my 50lb Dutch bike) and it was clear that D is really needing gears for the hills, but we persevered and later rewarded ourselves with excellent handmade ice cream (note to future self: the fresh banana flavor was incredible–order it next time!). 

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  1. Grandma Beverly

    Dash looks pretty tired. Looks like he needs those gears to help him out. The country is so beautiful there. You do such a fabulous job enjoying it and all life has to offer! Impressive. I’m sure the ice cream was a welcome treat.

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