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A Windy Winery Easter

This Easter, we did our usual hunt in the yard first thing in the morning (some eggs contained quarters, so D could practice counting money). This was exciting since D collected a whopping 53 eggs, and even managed to suss out the most well-hidden ones…

In the afternoon we were invited to a large-scale egg hunt and potluck at the English Estate Winery, home of 2 Gardner kiddos (Andrew is in D’s class, a 2nd grader, and Madeleine is in 3rd grade).  The winery is a beautiful oasis tucked into an urban area, and being there transports you to a working farm in the middle of the city.

It’s also neat to see the winemaking process up close. Once, when we were experimenting with a carpool, I dropped the kiddos off after school, only to find Jennifer arm deep in grapes.  Dashiell has seen how the grapes are crushed and was especially intrigued by the crusher’s ability to “take off a finger” if not used carefully. What could be more magnetic to a boy of 6…?

Truly though, it’s an idyllic place to be a kiddo, since you can roam the fields, hang out with the chickens, and interact with the natural world on many levels, getting a deep understanding of where your food (and drinks) come from. 

Many thanks to the English-Wallenbergs for inviting us! Also want to send a big shout out to Dawn (mom to Kennedy), who worked her magic on the food side of the event, even creating a decorate-your-own shortbread cookie station. It was a memorable and lovely (but windy) day.


  1. Lori

    Sounds idyllic! What a wonderful event!

  2. Grandma Beverly

    What an event! Eggs, quarters, chickens, wine, food, nature, cookies and lots of people! How fun. What good memories.

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