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Keep Your Head in the Clouds

During the week before Spring Break, the Missoula Children’s Theater company moved into our school, producing a play in a week. It was an incredible experience for all involved. The theater group bring everything needed to put on the production and we were all quite impressed with the results. There were 60 parts, so not every kiddo could participate, but I was glad Dashiell threw himself into his role as a cloud. 

Thanks to Jared we got a full video of the play, which was performed twice on Friday, followed by an extended curtain call and photo session.

The scenes with the clouds appear at about 34 minutes in (“Keep Your Head in the Clouds”), and again at about  45 minutes in–he is the 2nd cloud from the left. He has a line with Emma at the very end (about 59 minutes in)–“only clouds have silver linings.”


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  1. Grandma Beverly

    This school does such a wonderful job getting the kids on stage performing and in the classroom presenting. Dash already is comfortable in front of a crowd. That is a valuable skill. As he gets older, I see him in more and more major roles. Of course, he was a sweet and animated cloud!

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