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A Word About this Blog: Post #350

This is my 350th blog post!

I know I have missed a lot of opportunities to document and record life with my precious little family, but spending time away from the scanner and the computer has its benefits, too. 

In case you didn’t know, if you ever happen to be looking for an old post here, you can likely find it: scroll all the way down to the footer, there’s a place to do a search. This is pretty powerful widget that searches the full text and title of each post. So for example, a search for “Young…” returns all the blog posts I titled in that series. You could also search for a word I may have used. 

Another thing that is new to some of you is the link to my creative writing blog. Click the button in the header (THE SERIAL) to go to my creative writing blog, where I’m currently writing the Adventures of Dashiell & Fergus. I try to post a new chapter each week. If you haven’t been following along, you’ll want to go back to the first post (“1”) and read forward. 

Off now to fetch D from school and shuttle him back to Camas for his Single-A little league game tonight. Did you know his team this year is the Cubs? Nothing like starting out as winner, huh? The little Cubs *did* win their first game, played last week in the pouring–and I mean bucketing–rain. We’ve had historic rainfall this season, exceeding any previous years recorded for something like 75 years. 

Here are some snaps from the one recent day we had sun, and we all rushed outside to experience Spring, hitting the ball in the backyard (we don’t do this much anymore as D’s swing and throw are both too powerful for our small yard), and some snaps of D practicing with his team, and also riding his new bike outside, despite the rain (more on The New Bike to  appear here soon).




  1. Grandma Beverly

    I love your blog! It really helps when I’m so far away. I get updates on the new adventures, filled with lots of photos and videos. Makes me feel like I’m there to enjoy that moment with you. Thank you, Maida for doing this!

    Dash looks like a born baseball player! I can see how the yard got too small. LOL. Looking forward to video of him in action!

    Haven’t read the series, yet, but will soon. Looking forward to it!

  2. Aunt Amanda

    Great pictures! He looks so grown up in his baseball outfit. Hope the sun come out!

    • Maida

      Hi Amanda, thanks for visiting!

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