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The Ringer

We got D signed up for t-ball a bit late, since we were wrapping up Taekwondo. He missed a few practices, but it didn’t matter. He got assigned to the “Giants” team…

At the first practice he attended, the coaches were relieved that at least one kid–our D!–could hold their mitt up to catch, could hit, and knew the basic rules! Most of the other kids were wandering around in a daze, had no concept of running to base, and had maybe never even thrown a ball. One coach called D a “ringer” since the very first time he watched him hit a ball, he, well hit it! And he could see D knew how to do follow through. (Yes, we’d been playing the backyard for a couple summers, off and on, with D’s t and wooden bat).

Really, the reason he’s good at the game is because he wants to be there (and many kids on the team are not even 5, and clearly didn’t choose the sport).

Here are a few snips from the very first practice, and then the very first game (he’s formidable as number 13!).


(and yes D’s hit collided with the “catcher” offscreen who wasn’t ready…thus the sound of tears).

He has since had several games — in fact the season is nearly over!– and I must say all the kids have improved vastly. Coach Paul is basically the most patient man on the planet! Dashiell is usually “pitcher” in the 3rd (final) inning, high praise indeed.

He is truly a natural athlete, and is good at every (ball) sport he’s tried so far, I think because he has an innate aptitude but also because he got early success in gymnastics, and that gave him coordination, confidence and body smarts.


IMG_1697 IMG_3958 IMG_1752 D _TBall_Portrait_Spring2016 BaseballCardPhoto IMG_1793








  1. Grandma Lori

    So many sports to play! Dashiell is a well rounded boy! I love how he jumps into everything with joy and enthusiasm.

  2. Grandma Beverly

    Dash is not afraid of the ball, as many kids are. He is a natural with good eye-hand coordination. You are going to be very busy parents!

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