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FAST Update

D’s beloved teacher Katherine is using the FAST technique to teach reading and writing. As you remember, from the very first day of Kindergarten, the kidlets have been writing in class each day. Sometimes this takes the form of notes sent home to “Momy.”


Mommy! We are finishing our beautiful pictures.


image1 (1)

Dear Mommy, I am finishing my talent (show) flower.

I love that his writing is being truly done by himself, sounding out the words.

Thanks to this constant practice, D will now sit and write something out, trying to spell it all on his own.┬áThis is a major shift, as in the past he would ask how to spell things. I so enjoy listening to him work out the letters; in this video he’s making a list of birthday gift wishes:


  1. Argentina soccer jersey, not (player) Messi (already bought!)
  2. Motorcycle helmet
  3. Motorcycle ride-on (battery powered)

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  1. Grandma Beverly

    I noticed on my sweet Thank You card that Dash had written the note himself phonetically sounding out each word. Learning this method will help him forever. Good job to school and Dash!

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