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Culminating Event: Three Piggy Opera

Dashiell played the part of the Stick Pig in the Three Piggy Opera; it was quite a show. Here is a link to the entire (although edited in places to condense: warning–this is a long video!) performance:

We also enjoyed visiting the Tahoma classroom to hear their China-focused presentation (and the blues-style “China Blues” song with music video which was a highlight, hopefully to be linked soon to this page!), and were amazed at the depth of work studied and presented, in multiple formats (music, art, performace) in Loowit (1st and 2nd grades). Here is the program for the day’s events:



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  1. Grandma Beverly

    How cute was that?! I’m glad you recorded so much. You can tell Dash has the rhythm in his soul. He seemed to be the only child tapping his toes. He was alert and knew every word. You can tell he is a leader…a take charge kind of guy.

    And big holes in his smile make him even more charming.

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