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Orange Belt Testing / The Toothless Wonder

Here is D at the taekwondo studio last Friday for belt testing. What a smile! He had lost 2 teeth that week.


P1050298 P1050295 P1050299 P1050302

(the remaining front tooth is now close to making its quick exit as well; it’s barely hanging in his mouth and may have fallen out at school today as I type this!)

See the test and D receiving his 2nd belt, the orange stripe (in 3 parts):





  1. Grandma Beverly

    Dash, you are a natural! I love how well you listen, how straight up you sit, how high you kick, how fast you are, how loud you are and you keep advancing. Congratulations! Very well done!

  2. Sherry

    Wow, very impressive. Why do some kids have blue suits on? He struggled a little with the phone (understandable since you have 505 number now). So proud of him.

    • Maida

      The kids in the blue suits have committed to the Black Belt program, which I think is a 2-3 year program.

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