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D, in SlowMo

Here is a nice slow-mo video Jeff took on his iPhone 6, of D breaking the board at last week’s belt testing.

And here is what happens when both Daddy and D are home sick for 2 days, getting cabin fever:

The kids from the neighborhood created this ramp and D spotted it immediately. One of the older kids saw D make the jump and was incredulous, noting that his buddy didn’t do nearly the jump D did (that made D quite proud)!






  1. Grandpa Don

    W———h———-a———-t a————– k———–i————d!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Maida


  2. Grandma Beverly

    Love being able to see the action in slow mo! I watched the fast one several times and Dash was so lightening fast it was hard to see the contact with the board. He caught a lot of air on that bike jump. I’m glad he had his brain bucket on as he headed for that fence. What a dare devil!

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