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Focus, Confidence, Yaaa!

Last night D did his first belt testing at Taekwondo, moving from a plain beginner white belt to a yellow striped belt.

Here is his exam!

First, he performed with his peer group to do his “1 sir, 2 sir” and kicking combination in front of Master Yun, who you cannot see, but he is a tall, somewhat intimidating man standing behind a table at the front of the studio. The table is covered with an official cloth with fancy trim and the league’s insignia. The Master is holding a clipboard and marking down test results. All the parents are lined up in the back, and that’s why you’ll notice D looking behind him in some moments.


Next, he faced Master Yun alone to answer some important questions and demonstrate an learned skill:

What is your Mom’s birthday? (correct!)

Dad’s birthday?  (correct!)

Family code #1 (“I will obey my parents, sir!”–also correct).


Finally it was time for the big moment, receiving the new belt. What a smile on his face!


Although all the kids did pretty well, D stood out for his nice loud confident speaking voice,  his use of the word “Sir” when replying to the Master, and for his very coordinated board break, using his entire body and a very fluid movement. Afterwards Miss Crystal gave him extra kudos which I thought he deserved. Naturally I am biased, but I think he really is a level apart from the others, since he is naturally so athletic, and he is already somewhat accustomed to  public speaking, having done so much of that already at Gardner.

Late breaking update! Here is a shot to remember, fetched from Jeff’s iPhone after this post was originally published:





  1. sherry

    Awesome! Good work.

  2. sherry

    He is doing great. His cousin Josh was a black belt and teacher. Barb would love to see this. Will direct her to your blog.

  3. Grandma Beverly

    I was so glad I got to see this first hand. Dash is a natural. He knew all the moves and executed them flawlessly. He seriously wanted to make the Master happy and “Obey my parents, Sir!”. Between that and The Eve on The Shelf (who reported to Santa every night), Dash worked really hard on being on his best behavior.

    Personally, I think he is an angel!

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