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Christmas Highlights with Grandma

Here are some of the very best moments from our Christmas holidays…we were so excited that Grandma Beverly could spend them with us. Thanks to Grandma Beverly for the early mornings, putting up with our crazy jazz music, and for all the Lego woman-hours you spent, organizing minuscule pieces and building several masterpieces.

We love you!




Making Christmas Car art with Grandma:







Here is D, wearing his new storm trooper costume (thank you G & G Weiss!) on his new trumpet mouthpiece, playing along to Kamasi Washington on sax (“Cherokee“):


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  1. Grandma Beverly

    My visit was the best Christmas I have had in decades! All play. No work. Great food. Lots of love!

    Loved every minute playing with Dash! Enjoyed watching him earn his yellow belt, play tennis, ice skate and perform in his school program. His many talents amaze me!

    Thank you all for the best gift ever!

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