It's all gotta go somewhere

L-O-V-E the O-C-E-A-N

Check out The Walrus at this year’s school Culminating Event…in 3 parts (edited to exclude a section of the song sung by some other students):

Here are the words to the section sung by the Walrus and his Walrus helper for the upper grade Tahoma (8th grade):

2/3rds of the world is covered in ocean

And human pollution makes a big commotion

“Cos every single living thing pays the price

When global warming melts the oceans’ ice

Burning fossil fuels is the enemy

That’s messing up the oceans’ chemistry

The water get warmer, sea levels get higher,

Makes a warm blooded animal like me perspire!


Kalama Culminating Event Program






  1. sherry

    Such a good lesson to learn at an early age. He did a great job and looks so hip!

  2. Grandma Beverly

    Dash has wonderful stage presence. He knew all his lines and songs and spoke loudly with distinction. I especially enjoyed hearing him singing them freely throughout the week.

    The school is amazing and was thrilled I got to be there for this event.

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