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I thought you would all enjoy seeing how busy Mr. D is this week (AND Grandma Beverly arrives today for the holidays!)


Hi All,

Happy Monday. This is a very busy and, fun-filled week. Here are the key things to remember.
Tuesday–dress rehearsal at 11:15 am. If you are unable to attend on Wednesday, this is an opportunity to see a full run-through of the event.  If you are able to attend Wednesday, please do not come on Tuesday. The actual event will be more exciting if you are seeing it for the first time.
Culminating Event–8:30 pm parents in the great room
9:00 – 9:45 am Kalama Culminating Event–A huge thank you is going out to Christopher Maguire for his guitar accompaniment! It adds so much.
9:45 -10:15 am Klahowya–a publishing put out by Gardner to tell about what is happening in our school 3 times/year, will be distributed to parents in the great room.
10:15 am Round 2–Kalama students attend the event performed by another class. If you do not have an older child, this would be a wonderful opportunity to watch Loowit’s “Volcanoes of the Cascade Range” event to get an idea of what lies ahead in a Gardner education.
11:00 am all students return to their rooms and families are released
1:45 pm pick up as usual. If you decide to take your child home early, please make sure that you check out with Sarah or with me first. Thanks.
Buddy Walk to WSU
Students from Kalama – Tahoma will be walking with buddies to WSU on the first Buddy Walk of the year. Please send a raincoat (if there is not one already at school) and a warm change of clothes, just in case. There will be breakfast/snack served after which often includes bagels w/cream cheese, fruit of some kind, yogurt etc.This will many for some students. As far as I know, all kidlets can eat fruit 🙂
This is our last day before break. We will be having a winter celebration/party during our choosing time. It would be wonderful to have some healthy snacks if any of you are so inclined. Aiko and his family have volunteered to bring in sugar cookies, so we will have a treat too. If your child has a favorite game or an activity to share, please feel free to send it along. It will be low key party.
Your children made you winter gifts to share with you on Friday. Please remind your child to pick it up before you leave school for break.
Winter Break
Rest, relax, play, and enjoy! Oh, and work hard too, if need be.
After Break
On the first week we return in January, dismissal will continue to be at 1:45 pm. Beginning the second week, dismissal will move to 3:30 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesday is early release at 1:45 pm for the whole school. If you find that your child is struggling with the extended day, please let me know. It may take some kidlets longer to transition and we can work together to find options that will work for your child and your family. Most of the time, the first few weeks can be challenging, and then the kidlets adjust to the longer days. Your child will likely be much more tired, especially at first, so extra sleep can be helpful.  We will also have a quiet time in the afternoon where stories are read, often in chapter book form, to give the kidlets some down time.
Have a fantastic break and enjoy your amazing kids. I hope to see you on Wednesday!

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  1. sherry

    Wow! Good thing you named him “Dash”.

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