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A couple weeks ago we got to host Jannine and Peter with their new baby, Sloane, who was born in perfect health on January 29, 2013 (another Aquarius in the “family”!). We got lots of new baby smelling in, and managed to even throw a small party for relatives who came down from Olympia. Dashiell loved having everybody here–especially having dogs and another little person to play with (Poppy and he played catch out in the street. Thanks for indulging him, Poppy!).

Here are the party highlights.

During their stay, Jannine and Peter were so sweet to make sure D didn’t feel left out in all the new baby excitement. They got him a Skip-Hop backpack (the dog) which he holds in high esteem, and they managed to spend some quality time together reading books and talking.


All that camera use got Dashiell wanting to graduate from the play camera to a real camera…here are some that make me laugh.




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  1. Grandma Bubba

    How exciting to have a newborn in the house. Everyone is so happy, including the new big sister.

    Dash is so beautiful in every photo! Looks like he is wearing the train outfit I sent him. I am so glad he likes it. Most kids hate to get clothes for Christmas.

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