It's all gotta go somewhere


First there was Underpants Head:

Underpants Head

…now we have Buckethead, brought to you by the keep-bathtime-interesting crew!

(“watch Buckethead, Daddy!”)

D is getting really into dress-up. At school they have a big bin of costume dresses, hats and purses. D is just starting to want to wear the dresses, but he much prefers the hats. Today when I came to pick him up he wanted to show me each one: police hat, fire hat, construction worker hardhat. Once and awhile he’ll put on the Snow White dress, but there’s something about putting things on his head that just cracks him up.

Here are some recent noteworthy outfits.


(courtesy of Grandma Sherry and Aunt Amanda’s travels to exotic locales).



Thanks to Grandma Beverly for the train engineer’s outfit! It’s finally not too big (in the waist). I remember when you first sent it, it looked so huge, like something for a 4 year old. Silly me–this little bunny is growing so fast I can almost perceive it from day to day. Now the length at least is perfect. D wore this ensemble 3 days in a row!


  1. sherry

    This is the funniest one ever!

  2. Grandma Bubba

    What a ham! It took me a minute to figure out he was making the noise by pulling the pot down on his head. What a sense of humor!

    The train outfit is adorable on him. I don’t remember what size it is but he is so tall I am clueless on his size. Better to buy big…he’ll get there!

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