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For my birthday, Mom sent a battery-operated vacuum cleaner that is supposed to save me time. Any new item in the house must be vetted by my management, though, before it can be used by me.

So much for saving time…



…now do you have a machine that will dress my boy?

Doing, doing doing…this little guy is interested in all things mechanical. Here are the young one and the old one conquering new Ikea filing cabinets.



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  1. Grandma Bubba

    I can always count on something new on your blog that is going to make me bust out laughing! Oh, I wish I could show these to Mom.

    Some people just love to do house work in the nude. As long as it gets done just look the other way!

    Dash with his headlamp on working on the IKEA project is a genius in the making. Throw away those assembly instructions…not needed when the Weiss men are on the job!

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