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The Potty Dance

Having a week of vacation really helped D’s potty training skills progress. Last week at school he didn’t do anything on the potty, but it’s probably because the teachers there don’t know the “potty dance” we do to commemorate each success (at least, they don’t know yet!).

Over this Labor Day weekend we are already having much success. Yesterday school was closed and Jeff and D hung out together while Mom worked. D didn’t soil one daytime diaper! Today it was almost the exact same story, except for one morning pee in the diap.

So here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: D doing a form of the potty dance (close enough!):

And no, I don’t plan on showing this to his first date!


  1. Grandma Bubba

    What no bow after the potty dance?

    That boy has rhythm. Loved his head bobbing to the music!

    I was hoping for a video of you and Jeff doing the potty dance,too! Any chance of that?

    • BlueWoods

      I don’t think Jeff will let me film him, but I’ll work on a clandestine approach…

      • Grandma Bubba


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