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Down by the Seashore

Here’s my fave pix from our week at Seaside, Oregon…where we had perfect summer weather (ok, it is Oregon; some mornings were downright chilly), good times by the waves, and a happy baby who slept like a log. What a great vacation! We also went over the big bridge in Astoria to check out an old military fort-turned-vacation spot–with incredible views and lots of quiet. The beachfront outside our condo was being set up for that weekend’s Hood to Coast event–that’s what all the tents are for. To beat the crowds (and road closures) we headed bac to Camas a bit early to relax at home before the inevitable Monday slog began…

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  1. Grandma Bubba

    Looks like a great time by all. Grandma Sherry looks good and mobility looks good. Congrats on getting through the recovery.

    Beautiful place. I recognize the rock.

    What was Dash like with the cute little blond girl? She probably loved him and his awesome eyes!

    • BlueWoods

      She did love him, and she had pretty eyes and long blond hair, too. She was 3.5 years old. I think D kept his distance because he was worried she was going to pull his hair like an overly-friendly girl at school does!

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