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Young Cart Driver

There is a golf course nearby that is family-friendly, encouraging the addiction to begin early in life. 2 year old in the golf cart? No problem (to their credit, he looks 3 due to his height). But really, as long as he doesn’t run around on the fairway or make divots, D is welcome.

Here are some highlights of our 9-hole game, played over Labor Day weekend.

Perfect outfit, huh?

Here’s D doing his now-favorite thing


  1. Grandma Bubba

    These early pictures will be priceless when he becomes the next Tiger Woods (OK the good traits). He looks so natural. I don’t know any other kid that has the patience or focus to escort 9 holes of golf!

    I recognize that handsome Dash driving the cart but who is that mountain man with him? Very good look for him!

  2. Grandma Sherry

    The outfit is perfect, and, by the time he’s 3 you’ll have to hide the car keys because “me do” might over-ride his caution. Hope you got some golfing in.

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