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Golf Made Simple

Finally, I am taking a golf class and I absolutely love it. I have learned so much from the awesome Jack Young. It’s only 5 classes–and today is the 4th–but my “game”–the word itself being a stretch–has already improved about 400 million percent. I said to Jack last week: I hope to be a decent player in my lifetime. And he said: oh it’ll be before then. He’s a funny guy, too…

It’s been said that to get really good at something requires 10,000 hours of practice. I’m trying to fit in those hours over lots of short sessions (as a newbie, I just can’t focus for terribly long), and that means sometimes we all head out to the green…

Here’s Young Golfer, strutting his stuff.


  1. Grandma Bubba

    That is so cute I am at a loss of words!

    Now that is quality family time. I bet he turns everyone’s heads!

  2. Grandma Lori

    Stylin’ on the green!

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