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The Ole Swimmin’ Hole

We took a trip down to The Pearl to our fave urban swimming hole at Jamison Square.

Dashiell didn’t remember the water park there; he doesn’t remember how much fun he had there last summer…what he did take note of was the streetcars that go up and down the streets surrounding the park. So Daddy and D hopped on and off of a few, while Mom cooled her heels in the shade.

While scoping out the scene, I caught sight of this beauty (file under: “You Know You’re in Portland When…”)

(and yes, I want one).

Anyway, there were masses of people partaking on a gorgeous Saturday…

Here is D later, fresh off a streetcar, looking for his next thrill:

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  1. Grandma Bubba

    Dash seems drawn to anything with wheels! And the world is full of them. He has an adventurous spirit for sure! You two are wonderful fulfilling his thirst for fun and knowledge!

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