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Big Moment

Every night at bath time, we “practice” using the tot potty in some way. Lately we’ve been aiming for success (pun intended!) by standing D in the warm bath, then holding the potty under him. The other night, all the elements came together, and it worked–my little man peed into his potty. We gave lots of encouraging words and did a “potty” dance (yes we are getting very motivated, since diapering is becoming a battle).

In the last few weeks, Dad has taught D how to wash himself. Jeff tells him what to wash, and then he does. He knows all his major body parts and always looks so proud when he carries out request, beaming with pride after each success. Here is a version of the routine…


  1. Grandma Bubba

    I didn’t know bath time could be so much fun or so funny!

    Dash cracks me up!

    Good job Dad and Dash!

  2. Grandma Bubba

    Next time your little man pees in his pot I want to see video of the communal PEE PEE DANCE!
    America is looking for talent and new groups.

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