Last week we indulged in a vacation by the sea, in the San Diego area (Del Mar). “Grandma” Cheryl joined us, all the way from New Mexico. We sat by the seashore, made sandcastles, and played at many parks. We visited “Great Grandparents” Bob and Helen Rand, and met up with Jeff’s old high school science club mate, Andy (they built the “Faraday Club” together, which taught science concepts to younger children. Andy was apparently famous for zapping himself in a spectacular way). We visited the inspiring Salk Institute, an architectural icon, which is surprisingly fascinating for a toddler.

Jeff and I had a “date morning” which we spent golfing at Balboa Park–an easy course for me, the beginner. I’ve been trying to fit golf lessons into my life for several years now. Jeff finally bought me some decent clubs for Valentine’s Day (I had been using hand-me-down promotional clubs, not like it mattered much), and I am getting very hooked. It is a pretty course and I had a great time (Jeff, who is of course a much better golfer than me, swore a lot about his out-of-bounds balls).

Here are some visual highlights!

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