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Baseball by the Seashore

Dash is learning to throw the ball, kick the ball, catch the ball, juggle the ball…anything with the ball. Preferably more than 1 ball. He likes to try to hold many at one time–at least one in each hand.

Here he is trying to throw a lost ball back to its owner, in lovely Del Mar.

(to the tune of Stacked Mary Possum, an original song by Bruce Hornsby with Jack DeJohnette on drums and Christian McBride on bass).

And here are some snaps of him with his golf pro!


  1. Grandma Bubba

    Does he prefer one hand over the other? So cute. And he is a fast little runner! Golfing already? He will be sooo well rounded. What next? And where?

  2. Grandma Sherry

    Those are good throws from such a little guy! And, so nice of him to return the ball, instead of running away with it!

  3. Grandma Lori

    Obviously, he is well named. 😉

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