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Lately Dashiell has gotten very attached to certain objects and actions. I suppose this is a natural part of his development. It all started with him suddenly thinking he needs his paci all the time (not just when sleeping as before). I attributed this to the end of nursing; perhaps several other behaviors are also related. He’s also grown very attached to the blanket he uses for napping at school. This had transformed into him wanting to sit on me every night in the tub, snuggled into my chest, with the “blanket” (washcloth) wrapped around his shoulders.

Suddenly stuffed animals matter more, having just the right book at the right moment is simply imperative, and Robot (his rollie suitcase) must accompany him everywhere. When we get home from school, D insists on taking Robot for a walk. Up and down the sidewalk, back and forth, over and over. It’s a very firm routine from which we must not deviate (ahem!).

Another part of this new phase is Dashiell requesting songs. Since the moment he was born I have sung to him. I mostly sing songs I like, but we also sing some kiddie songs. At the beginning of this “attachment” phase, he always wanted to hear Luciana Souza’s version of “The Waters of March,” but now Dashiell the DJ insists on spinning Bebel Gilberto’s version of “Baby,” several times a day. Yes, he likes the Brazilian Bossa Nova genre! He sings small bits of the song, mostly when he thinks no one is listening (or during the bath). It took me several tries to get him to sing it on camera–he’s developing a bit of modesty in his ripe old age as well.

Here’s Bebel singing the song–this is a different recording than what’s on her first record, or the record pictured. It’s slower and more paired down, and her Portugese accent is less heavy. Still a good version; will have to hide this one from D.

(“Baby” was written by Brazilian superstar Caetano Veloso and made famous in the 1960s by singer Gal Costa; this version is much better, I think. Bebel has changed the words slightly–and sung them in English, not Portugese. This song is a love letter to Brazil, written at a time when the intellectual and artistic community, several of whom were exiled by the repressive regime,were returning to Brazil.)

And here’s the boy singing it!

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  1. Grandma Bubba

    What a sweet and gentle voice. You can tell it is a calming song for him.

    Interesting how children form such attachments to objects and routines. It brings them comfort in knowing what to expect. Jeff loved his “Ping.” Chris needed his blankie. “Little Sargie” goes everywhere with Murphy.

    Isn’t it a joy to experience the developmental stages of this wonderful addition to your life. A little one that finds such awe in the world. And you find such awe in him and thru him. Such a blessing!

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