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A week ago, we had a year-end portfolio review at school, during which Dashiell took us through his binder, highlighting all the work he’d completed this year in first grade. It was fun to look through his work, but the most exciting part was when he stopped to read (to himself) an informational booklet from Ft. Vancouver that had been in his binder since the Fall, but he was just remembering, or re-seeing through new eyes. He sat and turned the pages and read this adult material to himself as we looked on.

This has been the biggest gift of growth this year–with Teacher Jackie’s help, D has grown into a true reader.

D will stop and read, or sit and read, if given the opportunity (and we are trying to take each opportunity). 

Reading Sherlock Holmes at Barnes & Noble

Reading a Magic Tree House book at home


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  1. Grandpa Don

    I should have sent him the 55 boxes of book I got rid of a couple of years ago.

    • Maida


  2. Grandma Beverly

    In my thinking I see third grade as the level for reading chapter books. Dash is so far ahead! How wonderful that he enjoys reading and is not afraid to tackle advanced material! That will open countless doors.

    It is also nice he is capable of calming himself down, relax and focus on reading.

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