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The Piano Man

This Spring, all the kids at the school participated in the Peter & Wendy musical. The recording I posted here wasn’t great, but I did enjoy reliving the production many times this spring, as D would hum and sing the lyrics to various songs from the play.

Later in the Spring came Talent Night, at which kiddos performed as a class, and if they wanted to, could try out for a solo act. Here is the Loowit class performance:

The following week in school, music teacher Dana had the kids reflect upon what went well in their performance:

Talent Night 2017 Relfection

We were hoping D would also perform a solo act but he got nervous about trying out and so we didn’t make a big deal out of it. Thankfully peer Mackenzie showed everyone how it should be done; we were all very wowed by her performance of the song “Lava”  all alone on stage.

That’s a lot of words to remember! Way to go Mackenzie! I wish I had videotaped it because it was absolutely precious. She was accompanied by music teacher Jason on ukelele, wore a lei, and moved her arms and hips hula-style throughout the song.  Seeing young (and tiny–the shortest by far in the class) Mackenzie up there changed D’s tune, and we are now trying to capitalize on D’s competitive nature by planning ahead for next year…

Since I got my awesome piano keyboard for Mother’s Day (thanks again honey), I have been slowly teaching myself the basics, and am having a lot of fun trying to make my fingers go where I want them to go and relearning to read music. Naturally, D wants to touch and play the keyboard too. Somewhere in there we agreed that he should play “Hey Jude” by The Beatles at next year’s talent show, setting a goal of me learning the song by the end of the summer, so I could (or a professional perhaps) teach him in time for next year’s Talent Show….

Although performing comes fairly easy to D, playing an instrument is taking a little more effort.  Therefore, I am very proud to show you this clip, that, while it seems easy, took a lot of blood sweat (and yes, tears) for him to learn, and he nearly gave up (and I believe there were some “I just can’t”!! expressions as well). 

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  1. Grandma Beverly

    That song is almost 6 minutes long. Mackenzie is quite impressive and I can see how Dash would be inspired. He has a good start on Hey Jude. Love the pride on his face as he was able to play it. I want to visit when he preforms his solo next spring!

    This school and Dash’s accomplishments continue to amaze me!

    Thank you, Maida, for taking the time to post all of this for us!

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