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One of the most remarkable transformations we have witnessed this year is in D’s handwriting.

In the Fall, teacher Jackie started handwriting practice using these cute templates, which I kept because I wanted to use the same coaching to work on his handwriting at home (“up like a helicopter”):


I also like the sun shining from the upper left hand corner of every line, to orient the kiddo who may not be able to read the instructions yet…


You can see a massive difference from September above to November below:


So here’s a HUGE shout-out to Jackie for bringing D’s handwriting from this:

I need to find my green shirt ? memory fails me now



Citation for letting me stay up late



Walters Restaurant Order: Coffee, bacon, fruit tart 


to this in October:


And this, in December:

Walters Restaurant Order: Honeyed ham and scalloped potatoes


And this in January, 2017:

MLK Day 2017 Homework


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  1. Grandma Beverly

    Truly a huge improvement in handwriting! I’m curious if the handwriting model has a style name. I noticed some inconsistencies between the practice letters and Jackie’s writing. The “a” and “d” show both straight down stroke (Jackie) and down stroke with tail (practice sheet). All teachers in our school district were to teach and model the D’Neilian handwriting style with the belief the transition to cursive would be easier. It also has a slight slant to it. I like it and had to reteach myself for writing on the chalkboard. But some schools don’t even teach cursive (usually a 3rd grade skill) today and many adults print their entire lives.

    Please tell Dash his Thank you note to me was very nicely written!

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