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That’s Just Life

Sometimes, for variety, we’ll revisit books we haven’t read in awhile at bedtime. During this heat wave we’ve been turning to wintery books, like the lushly illustrated version of Robert Frost’s poem, Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening given to us by “Grandma” Cheryl (of Kansas City, thank you!).

The “Snowmen” series have always been a delight, full of the wonder and magic that come to mind when normal life is transformed and hushed by a blanket of fresh snow. Snowmen All Year is our favorite, but one night last week we chose Snowmen At Work, which describes how snowmen have jobs, too, like dentists, story time librarians, and sled repair technicians, not to mention that all important winter job of snow shoveler.

So I was rather surprised to have this exchange with D upon starting Snowman At Work a couple nights back.

“But that wouldn’t really happen, right?”
“Snowmen shoveling?”
“Because they’re just snow.”
“Are they? So they can’t have jobs, and go to work?”
“What if they were made out of magic snow?”
“Why not?”
With a shrug of his shoulders, he explained. “That’s just life.”

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  1. Grandma Beverly

    That’s just life.

    Our fantasy world verses our real world but both marvelous.

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