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Report Card

From Teachers Betsy, Norma (Spanish teacher), and Peter (PE):

It was a Friday so there were just eight kids sitting around the snack table. Dashiell, who loves to add funny rhymes like “tricky mickey” to our daily routines started a rhyming game. He would call out two words, such as “book and nook”. Then another child would call out “ look and cook.” The rhymes would go back and forth until they couldn’t come up with another set of words and then the students would start over. The game was completely child initiated and lead. There were smiles and laughter all around the table. Each child was kind and respectful even if another child was still trying to learn rhyming.

This is a wonderful example of how Dashiell can be a leader amongst his peers and bring his sense of fun, humor and knowledge to our classroom on a daily basis. Dashiell is enthusiastic about all aspects of school. He enjoys learning, exploring and wondering. He easily follows class routines and loves being outside and moving.

Dashiell loves being with his peers and can play and work cooperatively with anyone in the classroom.

Dashiell has made tremendous progress throughout the entire year in all areas.

Dashiell can easily identify all of his uppercase and lowercase letters. He can confidently identify all letter sounds and several initial blends such as “sh” and “th.”

Dashiell loves books and reading. He is always ready to listen to a story as well as share about stories he has read. It is exciting to see him start to read on his own. He has a strong understanding that letters work together to create words. When reading with Dashiell he can easily decode most constant-vowel-consonant words and recall them the next time he encounters them in the story. He has begun to remember several sight words, such as “the”, “and”, “a” and “on.”

Dashiell has worked very hard over the past year to strengthen his fine motor skills. In the beginning of the year Dashiell was working on letter formation and a fluid stroke of his first name. By the end of the year he was writing his first, middle and last name with increased uniformity of size and great control of letter formation. Dashiell is still working on increasing stamina, strength and slowing down. Fun fine motor activities, such as drawing in modeling clay with a golf tee, would be great to help maintain and continue develop the progress he has made over the year.

Dashiell enjoys counting and exploring his awareness of early numeracy in the world around him. Dashiell loves to count. He can easily count objects up to 100 using correct one to one correspondence. One to one correspondence is the ability to accurately touch and count objects simultaneously.

In addition, Dashiell can easily create and extend simple AB patterns as well as more complex patterns such as ABB. (pictured)


I am overjoyed at the fact that the students have become so comfortable using Spanish throughout the school day. From the moment they arrive, the students now are confident in their Spanish abilities and have grown accustomed to integrating it into their own life by choice. For example, during snack time I used to point out certain foods and have the class repeat it. Now, they shout out the food they have brought and raise it high into the air as their faces light up because they have correctly identified their snack in Spanish. With this second language becoming more familiar, it was exciting to integrate “La Oruga Hambrienta” since the students were catching on so quickly. Using words and pictures, the students were able to visualize this foreign concept that at first they might have not been able to grasp. It was thrilling as well as impressive to see the enjoyment and full participation of every single student during this play. It has been a pleasure working with these students, as a class and one on one. Thank you for an amazing year!

Dashiell is agile, speedy, and has strong stamina. He is eager to play and loves to chase and run. He sometimes shys away from taking risks but when he is comfortable he will engage 100%. I look forward to working with him next year.

Mom’s note: Betsy doesn’t mention here that D is also counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, up to 100!

Self Portrait


Pattern Building


  1. Grandma Sherry

    Now, that’s the kind of report card Grandma’s like to see!! Good work Dashiell.

  2. Grandma Beverly

    You can tell the acorn didn’t fall far from the tree. With two super intelligent parents who give 150% to the best care of their awesome boy it is no wonder he is as he is. So proud of all of you!

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