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Letter to Grandma Beverly

Dear Grandma Beverly,

Thanks for coming to town to help out Dad when Mom went to North Carolina for 9 days. I loved having you here! We had fun, didn’t we? I love the soccer clothes you got me! My favorite is the USA kit (see me in this outfit below). I also really like the cozy Kansas City soccer team sweatshirt that arrived in the mail after you left. I also appreciate how you thought to include matching socks. You know, the sock are very important to me and often find I have to make sure Mom has the correct socks washed and ready to go, otherwise I might not be able to wear the kit…

Thank you also for the surprise college fund money! Mom and I brought it to the bank and put it in my special Washington state college account. I liked watching the way the ATM sucked up the bills.

But mostly I enjoyed having you here! Thank you, I love you.





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  1. Grandma Beverly

    Dear Dashiell,
    Thank you for the kind and sweet letter. Yes, I had lots of fun playing with you! My favorite part was watching you run and run and run!

    I’m glad you like your soccer clothes. You make a wonderful soccer player! I have new pictures of you posted on my refrigerator. I love looking at you every day.

    I miss you! I love you!
    Grandma Beverly and Sparky, too.

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