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Adventures with Grandma Beverly

Sometimes things just click into place and you get a perfect day.

Or even 2 perfect days.

Now this is not easy with a toddler. You cannot force it to happen–the more you try the worse things get. So I have concluded that magic must have been in the air when Grandma Beverly came to town, because we had 2 toddler-fantasy fulfillment days!

On Saturday, on a whim, we went over to Alberta Park to play and see the firetrucks, if they happened to be out. Our timing could not have been any better–the firefighters were outside washing the big engine. We wandered over and made friends with the firefighters, who were delighted to show D around the truck, even letting him sit in the driver’s seat. He got to sound the old-fashioned bell on the front of the truck, the one we have so often discussed it has practically become another sibling in this family (“twice, Mommy!” he would add). And of course they manages to find a firefighting hat at a souvenir (thanks, guys!).

Thankfully Grandma Beverly had her camera (I lugged “the good camera” with us only to find out too late I’d left the memory card at home).


To make things even more exciting, the station got called out to an emergency (“Oh dear!”) as we were saying goodbye, so we got to watch the firefighters don all their gear and drive away, waving goodbye. Here is the lead firefighter making haste.


Next we strolled over to the park, to marvel at the ancient Ponderosa Pines and have some fun on the slides (3 slides perfect for his size).


On the way home, G’Ma Beverly took this excellent photo through her new hair do:


So you know you live in Portland when you ask your hairdresser if she can fit you mother in law in for cut and color–a red mohawk– and she says, “Sure, what day?” Ok, it did cross her mind that I was playing a trick on her. But nonetheless she was prepared. The red wasn’t taking so Beverly had to settle for pink, which I think is great. She fit right in in town!


On the next day, we went to what D still calls the “play place” for some indoor fun and games. Despite one slide mishap (note to Mom: remember not to hold D’s hand when going down the slide next to him–it just pulls him down onto his face. Woops!) we had a grand time. Then it was off to a favorite brunch spot for a warm lunch and streetcar watching (and riding!).


There was much deep sleeping after those action packed days. Thanks for coming to see us Grandma! It was a weekend we’ll always remember. We love you!


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  1. Grandma Bubba

    It was a marvelous week! Can’t tell you how many times I have relived it. And I came home with a souvenir pink mohawk! I had so much fun and looked forward to Dash waking me up every day. What a sweet way to greet the day looking at his warm smile!

    Can’t wait to come again!
    Love, love, love all of you!!!

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