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Fall Time Now

We have been reading the book, I Am a Bunny, which explains the different seasons, paying special attention to Fall. We’ve been studying the leaves (“slippery!”), rain clouds, and wet things (“our car all wet, mama”).

In school they are also celebrating Fall, but I was still surprised to hear D remark that it was “Fall time now.”

Here’s a gallery of moments from this past week’s Fall adventures: a trip to a family pumpkin farm, eating crepes at the pumpkin farm (first time D’s had whipped cream!), a tractor-pulled hay ride, helping mom with the finishing touches on an apple pie (apples from the farm), and of course carving pumpkins. D was not interested in wearing his costume this year (black kitty cat). It’s put away for next year…


  1. Grandpa Ed

    Great ‘Jack O Lanterns’. And one cooked on the grille !
    Wonderful pumpkin farm. Dash looks so big. Trick or Treat !!

  2. Grandma Bubba

    How much fun can one kid have? Wonderful photos! Lots of learning experiences and good memories. Did Dash trick or treat? Did he get candy?
    I remember the first time Eva had Halloween she learned the word “candy” and she loved it!
    Looks like Dash loved the whipped cream.

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