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Toddler Talk

Dashiell has mastered enough words to have a bit of a conversation. Sometimes he even comes out with 5, 6, 7 and 8 word sentences that amaze. The most remarkable part of having these conversations is not that he can say the words, but what he remembers and can discuss.

At bedtime, when I put him in his crib, I usually say something like “you’re a good boy” or “I’m proud of you,” and it’s become part of our routine for him to then recount something he did that day (often characterized by him as “yesterday”) that was worthy of Mom’s pride: “Me pooped on potty yesterday” or “me ride new bike.”

Last night it was “Me brave” (for riding his bike past the house with the barking dog outside–his idea! “me try??” Yes, try!).

Part of this bedtime banter is simply a delaying tactic. On the other hand, he does like to wind down by going over what happened that day, and I find, just like in everything else we do, giving him some transition time is really useful for him.

The inverse is true at the beginning of the day, when we usually review the plan of the day at breakfast (and then re-iterate the plan during lunch–after lunch, we’re going to go upstairs, get changed, and take a nap.).

These days I really have to work to get him out the door to school in a reasonable time frame (the process can take up to 20 minutes). He loves school but would rather hang out and have a more leisurely morning, instead of rushing off with all the other people jostling to work and school. Well who wouldn’t, especially on a gray drizzly morning? “No school?!” is something he asks me a lot. I always tell him what the day name is and if that means we have school or not.

Here is a video, in 2 parts, of one such morning.

Part I

Part II


  1. Grandma Bubba

    How do you spell patience? L O V E .

    You can just see his mind churning all the time. Great thought is given to his day!

  2. Grandpa Ed

    Great videos of conversation at breakfast about day ahead. He sure likes the pumpkin !

  3. Grandma Sherry

    Love the way he arranges the pumpkin and his dish at the very beginning. That Alora must be a bad girl!

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