Check out my first piece of refrigerator art!

We celebrated my first Mother’s Day throughout the weekend by spending a lot of time outdoors–just what Mom needed. It’s been the rainiest season in Portland history for something like 40 years. You know what that means…lots of mosquitoes this summer! Good thing we have that brand new bat house–just sitting there waiting for a ladder, the perfect 15′ tall pole with a southwestern exposure, and some bodies. Hmmm….

We all enjoyed a nice hike over at Crown Lake. We trekked up the steep hill to see the Camas Lillies (from which our town takes its name) in bloom.

It was a typical Pacific Northwest day, with a few showers, then sun, then showers. The light is inspiring at this time of year; still low enough on the horizon to create some surprising effects, and still soft enough to be excellent for portraits.