With school enrollment so high, it’s been challenging to fit everyone in the school’s Great Room for our community performances, so, for this years’s Music Night, we performed off campus at Dana’s church. Dashiell opened the program by announcing, “Welcome to Music Night. We’re glad you’re here and that you have a little leg room.” Indeed we did, and it was so nice to see the kids perform on a proper stage, with lights.

This year’s theme was the Roots of American music. As usual the kids and art teacher Jane made a themed backdrop for the event. Pulling the whole evening off was quite the effort since everything had to be transported to the church, set up, and then broken down after the performance. It was a major community effort! I think it was really worth it though. 

The event was recorded with the new PTO-purchased video cameras, and new wired and wireless microphones were used to record sound.  Still, since it might be awhile until we get the edited product, so I recorded D’s performance on my phone anyway…his Wy’East class (3rd and 4th graders) performed a jazz rendition of the 12-bar blues, on xylophones (technically, D is playing the contrabass)! They call it the Jazzy Bar Blues. Enjoy.


The closing program was an all-sing performance of It’s a Wonderful World, which was very moving. Teacher Dana said she was inspired to add an all-sing number after the success of the “all-sing” element of D’s “Hey Jude” performance at last year’s Talent Night, which I thought was really neat.