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Goodbye, 2nd Grade

With everything going on, I have yet to pen a proper goodbye to 2nd grade, which was a year characterized by astronomical growth and outstanding teaching at The Gardner School (Jackie Taylor, there will never be another quite like you!): growth in penmanship, reading, and math, but also in patience, empathy and character.

As he gets older, Dashiell is realizing the world is not always fair, and sometimes bad deeds go unpunished. We’ve had a few lessons on this close to home lately — one with our carpool family, and one in the fictional world. D is reading the School Ship Tobermory books by Alexander McCall Smith, and he is very invested in the characters. The plot twists against the protagonists have left him so upset he wasn’t sure he could carry on reading, and I had to read ahead myself to assure him all would be well and justice would soon be meted out….

(more later about how uncannily these books resemble our own Adventures of Dashiell & Fergus stories!)

There is much to tell about this past year, but for now this progress report will have to suffice. 





  1. Grandma Beverly

    Wow, a 21 page progress report! Reading at 5th grade level!And so many P’s! The common threads were what an enthusiastic learner he is, how he inspires others and his leadership skills. Loved that his performance at the talent show is something his music teacher will never forget. Dash is certainly a son to be proud of!

    • Maida

      Yes the progress reports are very detailed! Thanks for reading and for noting those trends. We are so proud of him.

      • Grandma Beverly

        I’m proud of you and Jeff. You once said you only had one chance to get it right and you, as parents, have knocked it out of the park!

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