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Addition: Day 72*

We’ve made some progress, but things are at a standstill again while we wait for another set of drawings (again regarding support for the ceiling).  As we dig behind walls we’re finding places that need shoring up, which I guess is better to find now than in the next Big One. 

The electric is all roughed in, and the plumbing as well. This was a difficult and messy process — probably the hardest bit so far. Picture debris falling constantly through the subfloor, and holes in the subfloor, down into my “kitchen” in the basement.  While a couple days of this was not bad, it dragged across 2 weeks, and this got fairly challenging on nights when I really had to make dinner because we just couldn’t eat out due to baseball games or other issues. There were lots of long nights spent picking out pieces of insulation and rocks, and properly cleaning up all the mouse droppings (this old house!). While I covered everything best I could things are still flying everywhere, so now I just have to wash (and bleach) everything before I use it again.

Here are some snaps to give you a sense of the state of things:


*Now “working” days. I re-numbered the days the addition had taken, opting to not include non-working days, like weekends, and spring break. This brought the number down considerably. Still, the project started February 5, so technically we’re on day 103.


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  1. Grandma Beverly

    Such patience! It will be glorious when you are living in your new space. I’ve never seen wiring dangling like that before. Lost me for sure.

    Hang in there!!!

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