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Talent Show 2018: A Really Big Night

Talent Night this year at school was extra special since D has been planning his act for the last year (well, the last 5 months or so in earnest). After practicing every week with Jason, D finally had his HUGE moment on stage playing Hey Jude on the drums, accompanied by Jason on piano. 

At the last minute, they had to make several changes to the length of the song, and so the version he’d been practicing was not quite what was performed. This caused a little confusion but D handled it beautifully. He told me afterward his leg was shaking so much it was hard to play! I am so, so proud. 

First, as a warm up, here’s D with his class entry to the show:

The school has grown so much in the last year that it was a challenge for Dana (the music teacher) to coordinate all the acts and to actually fit everyone in. Sadly some kiddos were not in the final lineup. What you can’t tell even from the wide shot (Jeff’s camera) is that the great room was totally packed with people. More kids and more parents than ever before!

Anyway, since it was such a long program, there were several gear setups and removals (thanks to parent Christopher Maguire for being the evening’s “roadie”). Since D needed the drums, his performance was near the end. Since he was far away from Jason it wasn’t easy for him to see the cues, and due to the length cut, you don’t get to see several of his fancier “fills.” I will post some video I have of him practicing soon so you can see the whole song performed!

P.S. Behind the Talent Show backdrop, you can see the Art Show work is still up on the walls. This year’s Art Show was incredible and I wish you could all transport to the school to see the high quality of the work. If you look closely you can see to the right of the stage is the 7th and 8th graders’ wood burning; to the left is the 3rd and 4th grader’s stunning rainbow-themed paintings.  I will try to get another blog post live on that soon!


  1. Lori

    Impressive!! Talented and handsome! I see cheering crowds in his future! Truly appreciate your sharing the videos with u.

  2. sherry

    WOW, very impressive and I love his outfit1

  3. Grandma Beverly

    Wow! So proud of him! I watched Hey Jude 4 times! Dash was confident, charismatic, handsome beyond belief, adorable and really showed off his skills. He is amazing!

    Enjoyed the snickering along with Shake It Off. Dash has some slick dancing moves! I think he got those from his Dad. He is going to be a heart throb!

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