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Addition: Days 37 – 39 (Demo!)

Demo of the wall that will be rebuilt to join the existing house to the new addition began on last Tuesday late afternoon when the crew arrived to take down the kitchen cabinets. Then on Wednesday, the demo began in earnest. There was a lot of grunting, whacking and hammering. The guys managed to move our fridge to the basement, which, although it is small, was not easy.  I then set about getting our basement kitchen up and running (pictures coming soon).  The only problem was the basement was coated in soot from moving the furnace around AND the furnace was still not removed. It finally got hauled away late Friday, leaving several layers of soot everywhere, much of it ground deeply into the painted concrete floor. The dust was so fine I am still finding it on surfaces…it took most of the weekend to clean it up (and 2 new mop purchases).  Still, I was jubilant that the furnace was gone so I didn’t really mind. And I had some good helpers…

At the end of the demo week, we had to pause demoing, since it was discovered that a wall that was assumed to be concrete was not, in fact, concrete but concrete block with no reinforcement. This means it won’t support the new beam that will be holding up the ceiling. So the architect made a new drawing and got the change submitted to the city for permitting. The permit got approved today so hopefully, we can salvage the week and get a bit more down before everything stops next week during Spring Break.

P.S. There was also some excitement for another reason last week, when one of the demo guys hit a live electrical line that was powering Jeff’s office. The workman was ok, but Jeff had a small moment of panic. The workman taped the line back together (!). I think it’s time for Jeff to move his office to another room in the house…

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  1. sherry

    Oh my! I knew this would be a big project, but until you see it happening, WOW! Very exciting with electrical and unexpected wall construction. These will someday be “fond” memories.

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