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Addition: Day 29

We had a bit of a lull while we waited for the windows and skylights to arrive, plus the roofer had to wait for a good weather window (yesterday we broke temperature records with Seattle hitting 71 degrees).

So yesterday, a Monday, the crew more than made up for the lost time, by installing the windows and sliding glass doors, and prepared to install the skylights. The large glass sliding doors are very dramatic, and they slide back on top of other glass, make a nice wide entrance.  

The skylights we chose have built-in room darkening shades that are solar-powered (no batteries or wiring required!). This will be super useful on hot days. 

The HVAC crew was on the scene also. There was much discussion (again) about the best route to run the ducting up to the 2nd floor. So far this has been the trickiest bit of the project. No one can seem to agree on how to get the ducting up there and although I thought this would be on a drawing I guess it is not, so everyone who comes in just eyeballs it. It’s hard to know what’s behind these old walls…I hope we’ll find out today (stay tuned dear readers!). 

Finally, the roofers also continued on with their duties, laying down some kind of flashing or prep layer. They stayed until 7pm.  

With the lost hours of sleep due to the time change, it’s all feeling a bit dreamlike. The image of the guy working in hole in the subfloor adds to this unreality.

Last night we ate dinner at the kitchen table but in the living room. Dashiell just glazed over it all and passed out at 7:01. Between the time change and his first day baseball practice of the season on a school day, he was worn out (plus he was very ramped up about wearing his “cup” as part of his baseball practice uniform).  




  1. Lori

    So glad to see updates. Window placements look interesting. Very exciting!

    • Maida

      Thanks for checking in, Lori! Looking forward to having a nice big table where we can all sit comfortably to play games and enjoy meals together…hope you can plan a visit once it’s all done!

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