It's all gotta go somewhere

Addition: Day 1

Monday morning dawned with the arrival of 3 burly guys,  a collection of destructive tools like saws, hatchets and crow bars, a Honey Bucket and a Bobcat. 

The sun was shining, and it felt warmer than it was.  It was the perfect way to start!

The only disgruntled parties were the chickens, who were quite distressed by the loud electric sawing and bangs. I’m hoping they will get used to the noise and it will just become part of the rhythm of their day. Will they stop laying? I hope not.  

By the end of the day, all the shingles we off, and Jeff and I had transplanted the honeysuckle bushes. 

When Dashiell got home from school it was too dark to photograph his reaction, but it was quite awestruck. Jeff snapped an image of him this morning sitting in the driver’s seat of the Bobcat. What could be more fun??



  1. Lori

    Good night. They wasted no time!

    • Maida

      Right?! We cannot believe our luck, seeing as contractors are famous for not showing up. So far we are delighted and amazed at their speed and courtesy. Wait till you see Day 5 (just posted).

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