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2 Retainers

Dashiell is getting a new retainer for his teeth this week! Pictures to be added soon. He had a choice of colors: naturally, he picked cherry red (red is currently his favorite color, but it’s in a tight race with red+white+blue).  

Fortunately, the orthodontist didn’t need to make an impression to fabricate the retainer; instead, they used a new mouth camera that took something like 780 tiny pictures and then assembled a 3-D rendering of his teeth and upper palette. Whew! This prevented the much agonized-over process of a traditional impression, which had him gagging and tearful on the last go-around for the palette expander. 

Retainer #2: writing a giant check to the general contractor. We are told our project will break ground next week (Tuesday! Unless Tuesday means Wednesday…or, Thursday which it might).

We have made several last-minute changes to the drawings–all for the better. The range is now on the island, which will be better for me, as I can cook and face the room, instead of having my back turned.  We’ve added a prep sink in the island (aka Dashiell’s work sink) and a sink in the mudroom (aka Dashiell’s muddy hands sink). We’ve also added a wall microwave/speed oven/convection oven that will be at adult-height (see “speed oven” on drawings.

Since I last posted about the project, we also added the outdoor wooden trellis/arbor, which will have a transparent plastic covering on top, so we can be outside all year (and we plan to grow something like grapes to crawl nicely up and over this structure).

While it was scary to write that 20% retainer check, we are also getting very excited.  Up until yesterday, the architect was still asking if we were going to live in the house during the work. Ha! No, we’ll move into our other house across town (?!). Actually, the contractor says he plans to lay the foundation first, then build all the new walls, and join everything up last, so he predicts we’ll only be really roughing it for 6 weeks. Kitchen basement, here we come.  






  1. Grandpa Don

    Very nice! Can’t wait to see it!

  2. Lori

    Can’t wait to see the kitchen and deck/trellis! Know you are looking forward to having it completed.

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