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A Little Help From My Friends

Well, after only 3 days at Jason’s totally awesome Music Explorations camp, check out what D was able to do!

Jason also put D on guitar on Tuesday and taught him 2 chords, which he was able to play and sustain throughout the length of a song. Jason said he thought D had a “natural talent” for the instrument.  To this music junkie, that is certainly music to my ears–pun intended!

Thank you, Jason, for lugging in that drum set and your other instruments every day, and for your seemingly infinite patience!


  1. Grandpa Don

    Totally awesome!

  2. Lori

    Another generation of Beatles fans! You are raising Dashiell right!

  3. Grandma Beverly

    Seriously, is there anything that boy can’t do??? Piano, guitar and drums! It would be cool to have him playing drums and guitar overlapped as he played piano. Show him on screen playing the other instruments at the talent show. He will blow them away!

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