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Speed Demons

D and his buddy Jamison went skiing last weekend up at Timberline. Boyzzz Only!! Angela and I were at our respective homes doing boring things like taxes and work AND trying not to be gripped with terror while visualizing our sons slipping off the chair lift. 

All went well of course, and Jamison’s dad Christoper was kind enough to text me this little bit of reassurance mid morning.

It was actually a great opportunity to talk to D about taking responsibility for his own safety.  After I reminded him of what happened to young Graham Miller (a heart-stopping fall off the chair lift; miraculously only a broken ankle!), and reminded him to stay in control, and reminded him how to get around someone falling in front of you, I managed to say, and oh yeah, have fun! Jeff and Christopher also made a point of taking the boys back to the lodge via the back door, where they bring the injured people on stretchers. Nice move!

I don’t think it dampened their spirits though.

Here are 2 nice videos Jeff took. If he were here he would remind me to tell you, oh innocent reader, that sadly (happily?) you can’t perceive how truly steep these hills are…


D, when you read this years from now, I want you to remember how proud I am of you: for trying new things, always with a giant smile. Look what you did at only 6 years old! I love you!



  1. Grandma Beverly

    Wow, he handles those hills with ease! Can’t believe he can ski like that at only 6 years old. He us in control and having fun. Great job, Dash!!!

  2. sherry

    Wonderful skiing. Learning so young is the best. And, he is braver than Grandma!!

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