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Hooray for Fish

So you may recall from a previous post that D was not quite ready to snorkel when we were in Hawaii.

Well that has all changed!

Once all his Trackers camps were done and things started to settle down, and before school started, D and I spent some good chunks of time at the pool, where, in just a matter of a few dedicated days, he overcame his fear of putting his ears in (1), then putting his face in (2), then his fear of jumping in  (that’s 3), the jumping in on the deep end (4!), then jumping it without his puddle jumper on (what?!). Each of these things was a huge developmental feat, and I didn’t expect to get much further, since swimming in general has been not his favorite thing, due to some early bad experiences . I vowed to get this new development documented on this blog (not an easy thing to photograph when in the water also–where is that Go Pro anyway…?).

But the warm days continued and we kept going to the pool instead of writing about the pool, quickly accruing more and more skills.  Even with a week off (when I went to NY to work), the watery hurdles kept being jumped with ease.  In fact it has all happened so fast, it is hard to remember each momentous occasion, but I shall endeavor to do so here, for posterity.

The First Video–Sunday September 4: Snorkeling!

(the music is from the film The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, a Wes Anderson movie)


The Second Video–Wednesday September  7: Fish Gets Comfy!

In this video, we can see D getting more comfortable, and even the beginning of strokes.


The Third Video–Saturday September 10: Young Swimmer!

Notice the puddle jumper is gone, and that he is now exhaling underwater, through his mouth!


The song is Everyday by The Cinematic Orchestra.  D loves this song, and that’s the main reason I used it, but it’s also fitting, since it’s about appreciating the moments of each day.


  1. Sherry

    WOW! Totally awesome. So glad he broke through the barrier, and so fast. He had 2 good teachers too.

  2. Grandma Beverly

    Tears were rolling down my cheeks watching these videos. So proud of Dash. So proud of his parents. Watching my son teaching his son to accomplish new skills. Priceless. And Dash makes a good fish! He is so good at everything he does.

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