The school’s talent night was held last Thursday night, and all the kids from Kindergarten through 8th grad participated, either as a class, or on their own. As always, it was a truly inspiring and somewhat mind-blowing showcase of creative talent. There were songs sung, comedy routines performed, and even a Indian classical dance number. The students acted as emcees, giving cute commentary after each act.

Kalama kicked off the evening with a Spring-themed performance, in which the kidlets snuck onto stage and disguised themselves as seeds in the “ground” while us audience members closed our eyes. ┬áThen they emerged from the earth as they sang their song. I wasn’t well-positioned to see much but here is a tiny snippet that at least shows their flower costumes, which they worked hard on in art class. Next up it’s D’s close friend Lily singing Puff the Magic Dragon.

The Loowit (1st and 2nd grade) kids did an incredible version of The Jackson 5 song, “ABC,” but I didn’t record it. It involved all kinds of STOMP-like choreography and was quite complex!

Some of the most powerful performances were at the piano. This year someone stuck a GoPro camera in front of the piano, so you could see the faces of the players. When projected on the wall, along with the lollipop forest backdrop, it was very surreal.

IMG_1850 IMG_1848 IMG_1849 IMG_1852



That last image if of Jamison (6), D’s classmate, who played a beautiful song, and then was joined by his brother Oliver (3) on harmonica. The two did a little blues-infused jam!