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What Parents Are For

It’s been a long slog here of late. D had strep 3 times, for all of March, back to back (one while we were in Phoenix), then immediately on the tails of this came his 6-year molars, erupting with a force hitherto unknown in our already teething-challenged existence (the doctor was so alarmed by D’s state on Wednesday that he sent him for a chest x-ray and blood work! Strep? No. Pneumonia? No. Weird virus? No. Teeth! )

It’s not easy to take antibiotics for nearly 30 days in a row; the body revolts. We discovered this in a dramatic way when we made the mistake of dosing him (during the 2nd course) on an empty stomach, and after an evening of running around at a dinner party, at which hardly any food was consumed by Master D. Thus the term vominating was coined, by D himself.  While I got to work on clean up duty, I thought it might do D some good to take some cool fresh night air; as Jeff carried him downstairs, me trailing behind to fetch my supplies, D uttered, with a sigh of contemplation usually reserved for adults,

Well, this is what parents are for.


Parents, and Grandparents, are also for….



late-night medicine runs | urgent care transportation | empowering you to tie your own shoes | volunteering at your school | coaching tball | introducing you to new foods | showing you that you will not always be young | teaching you to use chopsticks | keeping you comfy when you are feverish | reading to you | taking you shopping for athletic gear | sewing you a personalized wool police costume | showing you the desert | loving every minute


  1. Grandpa Don and Grandma Lori

    You deserve a break. Ship him out to us for a week.

  2. Grandma Beverly

    It’s so hard to see him sick! My minds eye always sees him as the energizer bunny, full of life and happy. Some day Dash will realize that his parents are not just parents but extraordinary parents! Raising an extraordinary boy.

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