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Good Things Come in Pairs

Over the Martin Luther King long weekend, D got to do some homework. This was very exciting, and fun. Part of the homework was a game in which you had to match a numeral (4) to a tally symbol (IIII), with the game pieces face up and then face down.

While I worked, the boys completed the rest of the homework.



Translation of the entries D listed: socks, curtains, pant legs, parents, fig bar (2 pieces inside snack pack!), ear protection, shakers (salt and pepper), walkie talkies.

I was moved to learn that D’s “favorite” pair was Mom and Dad.

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  1. Grandma Beverly

    Awe…the beginning of homework. You made this fun. Of course his favorite pair was Mom and Dad! BTW, his drawing shows a great understanding of the body! It’s in proportion, has shoulders, arms come out in the right place, good torso, adult length legs, good feet and awesome hands. Very impressive for his age!

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