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Art Update

Now that D goes to Art class, we are getting to know Jane the art teacher. One of the things that made us decide Gardner was for us was her art room: all windows on one side, and the other three walls are stacked with overflowing shelves of art supplies (there’s no art class at the public school Kindergarten).  The room itself feels like a place you just want to hang out and try something new.

I saw Jane in the hallway one evening recently as she was hanging up art from D’s class.  I was surprised to hear her say that she was really impressed with D’s choice of background color for his Van Gogh Sunflower painting (see a future post–it is incredible what a 5 year old can do!). They are now making collages of the same famous Sunflower; here is a recent letter from Jane:

Hello Parents!

After taking some time to draw skeletons and learn about Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and the Dead of the Dead, the Kalama kids are back working on their sunflower collages. They mixed colors and painted papers a couple weeks ago in our Color Factory. I was the boss. 🙂

Now they are cutting up the papers to create their collages. They were inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings of the beautiful sunflowers.

Ask your child about Vincent Van Gogh, sunflowers and Starrry Night!! And remember to ask about Frida Kahlo too!
Thank you for supporting visual arts education for children.


Here he is cutting petals for the sunflower.

Dashiell told me about how Van Gogh sent a lot of letters to his brother, so many that he really got to know his postman, and made several paintings of the man.

Here is D’s Day of the Dead drawing, pencil on black paper, which is surprisingly effective:


Notice his signature: he is experimenting lately writing his name in cursive. I see he missed some letters but I must say this looks very much like a scrawl one might see on a famous work of art!



  1. sherry

    What a wonderful school, he’s a lucky boy!

  2. Grandma Beverly

    I love it when art projects are inspired by famous works of art. And discussing details of the artist’s life brings greater understanding of the artist and his/her work. Dash is such a sponge he’ll be wanting to know more and more.

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